Enhanced Ad Formats to Fit Any brand KPI



Audiences are served personalized spots, tailored to their location, behavior, or interests.

Examples: Store Locator, Local Weather, Local Sports Team Info

MINI Dealership Locator

Scrollable Overlay

Viewers engage with brand creative in-stream, during enhanced commercials.

Examples: Product Gallery, Character Gallery, Builder


Click to Full-Screen Microsite

Viewers click from a spot to a full screen immersive experience, featuring long form and additional brand content.

Examples: Video Gallery, Image/Product Gallery, Trivia


So what can they do?

All the amazing things you can do in Digital, but on TV!

Have an idea for a custom product?

Unified Ad Platform

Expand the reach of your ads to multiple media partners across devices with our build once, run anywhere ad products. 

Because our technology works agnostically with all first-party video and display ad servers, media partners that work with us can quickly and effectively sell premium enhanced OTT ads, without ever needing to change servers. 

Real-time TV Analytics

BrightLine's ad solutions come armed with IQ - the only measurement platform built exclusively for Connected TV/OTT, enabling real-time monitoring and optimization by media vendor and device.


  • Real-time monitoring via IQ™ performance dashboard 
  • On-the-fly content optimization
  • Suite of turnkey custom analytics 
  • Easy integration with third-party measurement technology
  • Add-ons include:
    • Ad effectiveness studies from third-party partners
    • Controlled behavior testing 
    • Audience profiling
    • Comprehensive campaign wrap-up


Here are just a few of the clients who work with us.


Sound good? Put our ad products to work.

Media Partners

Here are just a few of the media partners who work with us.

Sound good? Put our ad products to work.