Addressable / Dynamic Creative

Household addressable creative can be tailored to viewer location, weather, or audience segments.

Benjamin Moore
Store Locator

The standard commercial spot is made more powerful and relevant thanks to the addition of real-time local data. During the commercial spot, viewers discover their closest Benjamin Moore retailer and can scroll through multiple nearby retailers, making it even easier for viewers to make the jump from inspiration to realization utilizing BrightLine enabled OTT ads.

Dealer Locator

In MINI’s first campaign on OTT, the auto brand invites viewers browse through their closest MINI dealerships. As they do so, viewers learn how they can get more of what matters with the MINI Epic Experience Pass, which offers access to hot spots and getaways, as well as savings on the new 2018 MINI Countryman.


Store Locator + Deal

During the commercial spot, viewers discover their closest Build-a-Bear location and the latest featured deal, making it even easier for viewers to make the jump from the living room to the store utilizing BrightLine enabled OTT ads.

Simon Malls
DMA Based Locator

Simon's first foray into OTT provided viewers in specific DMAs the address information of their closest mall locations. Launched during the back-to-school period, the campaign was refreshed for the holidays to keep the campaign fresh and further encourage shopping during key times.

In-Stream Interactions

Viewers engage with brand creative in-stream, during enhanced commercials.

Product gallery

Target queues up holiday excitement with BrightLine’s interactive OTT scrollable overlay. During the commercial spot, viewers browse holiday décor and get giftspiration for everyone on their lists.

Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Cinnamon Toast Crunch enters the OTT space with a fun interactive experience powered by BrightLine. The commercial spot comes to life on the biggest screen in the house allowing viewers to move the crazy squares by pressing right on their remote to see what happens.


Color Changer

Working with BrightLine, BMW allowed viewers to engage with the brand directly inside of the commercial spot, with 360 degree views of their cars, and the ability to browse different color options.

HP Spectre
Product Gallery

HP’s first foray into OTT introduces viewers to the new HP Spectre x360 PC, a fully convertible PC powered by the 8th Gen Intel® CoreTM i7 Processor. Viewers use their remote control to see the Spectre from all angles while the spot showcases the power of the laptop during this season of giving.

Click to Full-Screen Microsite

Viewers click from a spot to a full screen immersive experience, featuring long form and additional brand content.


Toyota challenges viewers to put their TV knowledge to the test, serving up Hulu TV Trivia in the OTT space. As they answer questions about their favorite TV shows and stars, viewers discover the all-new 2018 Camry, redesigned to put your emotions into overdrive.

Royal Caribbean
Video Gallery

Royal Caribbean returns to OTT with a thrilling, video-centric experience. From zip lining to fine dining, high-flying performances to a robotic bartender, the OTT experience gives viewers a taste of the biggest, boldest adventure yet – one that can only be had with Royal Caribbean. All aboard!


Product Spotlight

Maybelline’s first foray into OTT features model Gigi Hadid as she invites viewers to learn more about the new Maybelline Dream Cushion via exciting videos housed in a sleek video gallery experience.

Bank of America
Video Gallery

Bank of America ventures into the OTT space with its “Friends Again” campaign. This fun video gallery experience shows viewers how they can split bills not friendships by using the Bank of America mobile app. The fast, simple, and secure way to send money.